my 1st official NYC winter

Although I have been in New York City over 2 1/2 years now, I am calling this season my first official winter. The first year I moved here winter was non existent. I remember a couple day in February when it was at least 80 degrees. Then last winter it snowed a few times, but the weather was not too bad and I don’t think it stayed below freezing for long. But this year, oh, this year…it’s bad. I have even overheard people who have been here for a very long time saying how this is the worst winter they have ever seen.

For me it isn’t the snow that is the problem, actually I quite like the snow. I love putting on my boots and trudging through it. No it is the cold, cold, just plain cold. And the wind, oh that fucking wind. It is the same wind that made me leave San Francisco…I guess the jokes on me because now it’s 3 times colder!

I took a short stroll through the north eastern end of Central Park on Saturday and the lake up there was completely frozen over. It was beautiful!



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646 hell…(n)o

Hoot Hooty Hoooooo!!!!

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I am now a part of the 21st century…you may call, text, send pix, facetime…sky is the limit!

Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas to me.